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Listening to your body - An energetic view


  We need to nurture our soul and spirit as well as our bodies. Do you know what seeds you are growing? or what they are growing in? 

"Listening to your body | An energetic view"  is a more involved course building on from the "Listening to your body" workshop

Gaining clarity on your energetic body system - begins June  

I continually find my clients not knowing what they are supposed to be, do or have in life. This short course will help you understand just that giving you a process that you can use time and again for clarity, confidence and a new harmonious direction for you and your family. 

This can also be modified for lunch and learn sessions.

Medical Intuitive Reading 1hr


This is a 60-minute Medical Intuition reading which is highly personal and is recorded (first 30 mins) and emailed to your inbox. Then you book a 30 min call to discuss questions, etc. This convenient reading can be viewed many times, anytime & anywhere. 

This is a client favorite involving both the "seeing" intuition and the relaxation of energy healing. When scanning the body in a session I will 'see' deep into your form, identifying your concern, when it started and why. With this breadth of understanding, the healing can begin. During your session, you will also receive Energetic Healing, as there are often elements that can be addressed on both levels to aid your overall well-being.  

Medical Intuition Energetic Healing

   Welcome to the world of energy! I act as a lightning rod to focus the Universal energy where most needed for your well-being. This session includes Aura and Chakra balancing as well as Energetic healing.  Each session is tailored to your specific individual needs and clients have experienced great release of stress, physical and emotional pain and improvement in general wellness.


Medical Intuitive Life Coaching Session


Work on love, life, relationship, money or your business. This is a one: one, 1-hour Life Guidance Session via Zoom or Skype. We will focus on causation of current challenges, beliefs, relationships and the behavior patterns they have produced. You will have homework assignments and projects to do between sessions. There will also be visualizations for healing and skills you are working on. You will be held accountable. Book multiple sessions for discount.

Medical Intuitive Report

 A medical Intuitive Report is a comprehensive, 15 plus page, document produced through interpreting your energetic body system. I will look at your energy centers, which store and manage our power and body's energetic information. This information holds and produces energetic impulses that your body gives off. I can understand these energies and see where you are investing your energy. Your energy is also in constant communication with everything around us. We continually receive and give out energetic information. This energetic information exchange contains your past, present, interior, and exterior experiences. Every moment of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences is recorded in your body. These energies are linked to our body's cells, organs, and body systems. I can help you in finding the root cause of your physical, emotional, or spiritual wound.    

 I only write one report a day and so, due to the overwhelming demand for this service, there may be a delay in receiving your report. Currently, this delay is 5 business days from payment. 

The "Everything" Package

 As your Medical Intuitive, I have designed an "Everything Plan" to create a healthy you. It is my opinion that it’s essential to clear your blocked energy so your natural flow can produce a healthy body, mind, and spiritual connection, because what you are doing now, isn't working for you. 
Includes Life Coaching, before and after Medical Intuitive report, weekly calls, energetic healing and homework - you will be held accountable. Monthly - hypnosis.
Stop procrastinating! If you really want to change, you need to work at it. This plan is designed for me and my experiences and what has worked with divine guidance. Each week, for six months,  we dive in deeply and heal, clear and re-balance all of your energetic energies chakras. During each week you will have 2 daily (5-10 mins) guided, healing and future visioning meditations, and affirmations associated with the chakra of the week - and of course, instruction on how. It is made to be easy 

There are many other aspects that we cover over the weeks, such as journaling. This focused type of healing is phenomenal and loved, and repeated, by many. We start on Monday. There you have it - apologies for my frankness. 

Clean Slate

Clean Slate


This is by far my best seller, a clean slate!

Some of us have so much baggage from this lifetime that weighs down our progress, as well as how we live our life from day to day.  

Now let's take that one step further, we also carry luggage from one lifetime to another and however you want to dress it up, baggage is still weight. 

The clean slate is a service that clears entities, Forgioen bodies, portals, thought forms that are inside us, thought forms that are outside us, Curses, Vows and Miasms. These are cleared from this lifetime, previous lifetimes, across time and space and dimensions. 


Energetic Beliefs, Relationships and Patterns - 12 Weeks

 New Course! 

This course will help you determine different aspects of your energetic beliefs. See how your beliefs, their relationships and behaviour patterns consume your energy. Discuss inspired actions, strategies, developing will power and setting realistic goals. The course includes a dedicated FB group, weekly live video chat meetings, and homework assignments. 

Medical Intuition - Foundation Course 12 Weeks

 New Course!

This course will help you understand the foundations of becoming a Medical Intuitive. Including how to prepare yourself, how to utilize your natural ability, the aura and chakra system. Relationships past and future. The course includes a dedicated FB group, weekly live video chat meetings, and homework assignments. 

Chakra System Overview - 12 Weeks

New Course!

This course will help you to identify the seven main chakras, and how they affect you physically, emotionally and spiritually. We will also cover the relationship between necessity, choice and archetypal patterns. 

Energetic Animal Healing - 12 Weeks

 New Course!

This course will help you gain a basic understanding of energy, healing treatments, and preparing for treatments. Gain a basic understanding of the process of healing, before, during and after treatment. Develop a knowledge of a variety of specie - specific healing information. Develop an understanding of guidelines for practice. This course includes a dedicated FB group, weekly live video chat meetings, and homework assignments. 

Chakra Vision Board

  We will be making a vision board each month for 7 months ($50 per month). Each month will focus on a different chakra and will have a different focus, energy & deliberate creation.  Have pictures, scissors, magazines, something to write your ideas down on. We will discuss the chakra we will be working on and do a healing visualization. As this is online via zoom, invite your friends to join you. Energy shared in these moments is priceless.

Listening to your body Introduction Workshop

  This workshop introduces what our body's energy can tell us if we listen to it. We will intuitively explore and practice the energy of our words and voice, touch, vision and taste.  This is a great introduction for those who would like to begin learning about or are just starting out, with intuition and our sense


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