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Rewire Your Brain

  Belinda saw an FB post claiming you can rewire your brain to be happy by simply recalling 3 things you are grateful for every day for 21 days. She thought she would give this ago and reflect on whether she is happier after the 21 days. Belinda had many family and friends over for the Christmas holiday and didn't seem to recoup as quickly as she once did in younger days. This post sounds great, costs nothing and may rewire more happiness into her life. In fact, join in the fun! Sign into FB page and let us do it together. Belinda is sure we can all do with a boost to our happiness levels!


Challenge Belinda!

Belinda is working on a 90 day Youtube challenge. Every day for 90 days she will be recording a 5-10 minute section about Medical Intuition and how it can help you. Belinda is inviting you to put forward your questions so she can answer them. If you are unsure about something, others will be to. 


Fears or Past?

More and more Belinda sees health problems due to individuals sending today's energy into their fears or to their past and they are not even aware of it. When we project our energy elsewhere, our levels become depleted and we are no longer able to stave off negative energy, illness, and disease. Learn to control the cycle of negative thoughts and dwelling on pasts we cannot change. Belinda can help you release that energy so you have more for today. 



Distraction Art Therapy

  Throw away those colouring pens and take up our art classes. Belinda has Bipolar and as much as she wants a "fix", she hasn't found one so far. So what does Belinda do in those low moments? She distracts herself with small art projects. The online classes will be $25 each and this will allow you to create a unique masterpiece you can be proud of. Belinda has found it boosted her self esteem. Once finished, she has the satisfaction of knowing that she got through the depression. These courses are designed to give you all the information, such as process and technique you need to achieve your own distraction. No art experience needed! Currently available is "Resin Geode" & "Affirmation Stones"  

Medical Intuition events


Body, Soul & Spirit Expo

Medical Intuition and Readings available

Croatian Cultural Center

4th, 5th & 6th Jan 2019

In the process of Booking a 2nd Expo

An Expo with Medical Intuition, readings and wellness education and information.

In the process of Booking a 3rd Expo

An Expo with Medical Intuition, readings and wellness education and information


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