What is a Medical Intuitive?

As a Medical Intuitive (MI), and with your permission, Belinda can read your energetic body system. 

We have seven main energy centers within our bodies called the chakra system and they store and manage your power and your body's energetic information. This information holds and produces energetic impulses your body gives off. I can interpret theses energies and see where you are investing your energy.

This video, coming soon, explains in greater detail.


Julie, BC, Canada

 I won a free reading from Belinda not really knowing what to expect.. Omg you guys 😳 she is absolutely amazing! I was literally in tears because she was so accurate and nailed every single aspect in my life. Thank you so much Belinda! I highly highly recommend getting in contact with her if you want/need someone to glimpse into your energy and learn to heal  

Medical Intuition

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