Medical Intuition Professional Belinda Hobson

Additional Information

Belinda Hobson is a Medical Intuitive. She is also a public speaker, teacher and author. Belinda is considered an honest and genuine woman whose continuing life goal is to teach energetic empowerment to as many people while on this earth. Her no nonsense approach continues to add wellness to individuals, organizations and animals. 

During Belinda's time, she has lived through physical, emotional, and mental abuse, been apart of a cult like religion, homeless, depressed and suicidal, diagnosed with Bipolar, all of which, led to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and all the unpleasant symptoms associated with it. Through Medical Intuition and readings Belinda freed herself from the bonds of the past. No longer does she merely survive her life; but lives it to its fullest and help others to do the same. 

Belinda encourages questions and writes blog posts full of information that you request. These are available and free to read, allowing you to reflect upon and comment for continued learning.

As humans we have a thirst to learn and evolve ourselves. This is no different for Belinda. As part of her lifelong learning experience, she has taken many courses and currently has two wonderful and knowledgeable mentors who guide her to evolve, develop skills and share knowledge. This, in turn, is shared with you so you can continue to learn and evolve too. 

Everyday Belinda carries out distance session for people or organizations who have requested assistance. It is an offering that allows her skills to be utilized for those who are in need and may not be able to work with her directly.  An example may be a family member who is hospitalized, someone who is housebound or going through a particularly difficult time for a business and organization, this could be helping the overall organization to thrive. Registration is required so Belinda can contact you to and/or you can contact her for updates. Please use the contact form.



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